feng i fiona roan

Trailer for JIEJIE(2017). Runtime: 15m I Digital I Color 

feng i fiona roan

(pronounced: fen - ee)

Taiwanese-American writer/director based in LA.

Feng-I received her Directing MFA degree from AFI and was previously trained in classical Chinese Literature at National Taiwan University. Her latest work JIEJIE won the HBO Asian Pacific American Visionary Award and will be distributed by HBO this May.

Feng-I's bilingual works focus on female protagonists and family relationships. Her autobiographical short film JIEJIE will compete in the International Asian Section this year in Short Shorts & Asia Film Festival(Tokyo), and is also selected by Palm Springs International Short Fest, LAAPFF, Cleveland, St. Paul Minneapolis, Athens, and Ashland Film Festival. 

Her debut feature, AMERICAN GIRL, was selected by Golden Horse FPP 2018 and Film Independent Fast Track Program.


阮鳳儀,台大中文系畢業,美國電影學院(AFI)電影導演碩士畢業。其所編導之短片作品《姊姊》獲得世界三大短片電影節之一的「東京國際短片節(Short Shorts & Asia)」最佳觀眾票選獎、「高雄電影節」評審團特別獎、HBO亞裔美國人視野獎(目前《姊姊》在美國境內由HBO發行,由高雄電影館館藏、並在台灣境內於公視頻道及線上平台播出),同時也入選金穗獎、台北電影節、台灣國際女性影展、以及澳洲墨爾本國際電影節等四十餘電影節。此外,《姊姊》亦獲得「芝加哥國際兒童電影節」兒童評審團最佳劇情短片獎、「新加坡國際兒童電影節」最佳劇情短片獎、「台裔美國人電影節」觀眾票選獎 、「亞裔美國人國際電影節」最佳短片獎 等諸多殊榮。

《美國女孩》編劇兼任導演,劇本獲得「優良劇本獎─優選」。《美國女孩》為其首部長片作品,此案入選2018年的金馬創投,並入選美國獨立影片(Film Independant)之「製片實驗室─臺灣書院獎助計畫」。

Poster Design by Placebo Studio 反覆分心

JIEJIE's very first audience. 

For private online screeners, please contact fengiroan@gmail.com

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